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10 Legitimate Reasons to Take Time Off of Work

This isn’t an excuse to get out of work that you should use often. But if your pet is seriously ill and needs your care, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking time off (even if it’s at good reasons to call out of work the last minute). On top of all that, there’s the risk of spreading the illness to your coworkers. No manager wants to deal with a sweeping sickness that takes out the entire team.

  • Most supervisors like to get a bit of notice when you’ll be out, but good managers understand that some circumstances don’t allow for advance notice.
  • Instead, consider taking off a few days, or even a vacation week, if you have a round of interviews coming up.
  • In other words—during layoffs—the goal should always be to keep strong performers, regardless of whether they’re in-person, hybrid, or remote.
  • For example, say you’re waiting to see a specialist that has limited availability.
  • Similarly, if your pet died, you may be able to request a day off to get it cremated, bury it, and grieve.

You generally should have a solid reason not to go to work. However, if you cannot work on any particular day, you can ask for a mental health day. If you’re unable to work, it’s mostly because you need some rest- some time to unwind. Plus, not taking the time off when you need it can reduce your job performance, keep you sick longer, and lead to burnout.

More Tips and Recommendations

I will update you on my condition and plan to return to work as soon as I feel better. In the meantime, I will complete any urgent tasks remotely if possible. Another note is that taking a work-from-home day on your sick days doesn’t help you or the company.

They may ask you a lot of questions about your illness and even require a doctor’s note attesting to your sickness. A doctor’s appointment is one of the most legit reasons for calling out of work. For starters, taking care of your health should always be a top priority. Regular check-ups and treatments are key to keeping yourself healthy and preventing future issues. Plus, staying on top of things and caring for yourself is merely being responsible. Observers have since debated whether Pietsch’s termination was really a layoff dressed up as a firing, a trick employers sometimes pull to avoid paying severance.

You’re Feeling Sick

This is a really genuine reason to give your employer because it is important to attend the exams. Say you are on your path to getting promoted and you’ll need to study for an exam and if it falls on a working day, this reason to call out of work will be valid. You don’t have to get into the nitty gritty of your food poisoning to request the day off. You might have a perfectly good reason to call out of work, but if you don’t communicate with your boss, you could put your job in jeopardy.

It’s better to take the time you need to grieve before jumping back into your professional responsibilities. But when you’re working from home and don’t have to face an hour in anxiety-inducing traffic, pushing through your headache may feel more doable. But when you work from home and getting to the office simply means walking down the hallway to your very own home office, there are far fewer reasons to call out of work. Ultimately, this is one of the huge benefits of remote work! With fewer variables involved with getting you to work, you can more easily stay caught up on your tasks and responsibilities. When you work remotely, there are far fewer reasons to miss a day, But there are times when it happens.

How to get your groove back after a bad day at work

Once caught up, sit down and design a time management plan that ensures future work will get done on time. Household emergencies happen, and it’s okay to miss work to take care of them, as long as you miss only the amount of time that’s needed to set things right. According to a poll done by the Conference Board research group, 49 percent of workers don’t like their managers, so you are in good company. Instead of focusing on your manager’s behavior, focus on your own. Trying to do two things at once can often result in not doing either well.

  • You love them immensely, so there’s no reason to hesitate taking time off work to find them when they go lost.
  • It’s understood that car troubles can prevent you from commuting to work.
  • When you experience a loss of a loved one, work is the last thing that should come to your mind.
  • But calling a day off or arriving late to work frequently is a bad sign.
  • But others will grow impatient if you take longer than a few days to address the issue.
  • Transportation issues, such as car trouble or public transit delays, can prevent employees from reaching work on time.

If you’re pregnant and unable to work, you can take time off. Similarly, if you just gave birth, you should be able to use your maternity leave. A family member could become seriously ill or injured, requiring your care or support. If your brother’s wife died, that could also constitute a family emergency, as you need to be there for him.

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